National Courier Tracking FAQ

Q: I do not have my cargo number, is it possible to track my cargo?
We strongly advise you to record of your cargo shipment number to use during tracking. Different courier offer other means of tracking if you lost the number, please contact the relevant department for more details
Q: When I track a COURIER cargo, I receive an invalid cargo error message – why?
It is possible that you are using a wrong number or mistyping, please recheck your number or keyboard while typing your number.
Q: How many cargos can I track at one time?
Depending on cargo registration, if the cargo was previously registered to belong to the same owner, the multi-tracking is possible under one tracking number.
Q: I have tracked a cargo and the response is telling me to ‘contact COURIER company’ – why is this?
Usually, this is for routine reasons. The address may have been incorrect and we require clarification or it may not be possible to track your cargo without extra information. In these circumstances, a telephone call to your local courier customer services department will usually resolve the matter very quickly.

Please copy the link "" and paste in the internet browser address bar or click the submit button below

If your company is missing, please send us appropriate information in this format:

  • Legal name of the company truncated to 56 characters with spaces
  • Description of services of about 300 characters with spaces
  • List of destination countries
  • Services URL
  • Tracking URL
  • Terms of services URL
  • Contact us URL